• Disability Services Wollongong
    By offering tailored solutions and empowering individuals, our disability services in Wollongong contribute to creating inclusive communities where everyone can participate and thrive, irrespective of their abilities. Our services also include personal care, help with daily activities & household chores, support coordination, assisted living support, in-home support and more.
  • Support worker for NDIS Wollongong
    At My Care Ability, our support workers play a crucial role in helping individuals with disabilities achieve their NDIS plans and goals. This may include supporting personal care routines, assisting with household tasks, providing transportation, facilitating community engagement, and supporting participation in educational or employment activities.
  • Home Support Wollongong
    Our home support for NDIS participants offers personalized, flexible, and comprehensive assistance within the comfort of their own homes. It enables individuals with disabilities to maintain their independence, achieve their goals, and enhance their overall well-being. We aim to promote self-reliance and prepare people for increased independence in their communities.
  • Support Coordination Wollongong
    Support coordination is a way to empower NDIS participants to take an active role in shaping their lives and achieving their goals. By providing guidance, coordination, and advocacy, support coordinators play a crucial part in ensuring that NDIS participants receive the necessary support to live meaningful, independent, and fulfilling lives.
  • Personal Care Wollongong
    Our personal care assistants in Wollongong provide essential support to individuals with disabilities, helping them with personal care activities, mobility, medication management, emotional support, and creating a safe living environment. Their compassionate and individualized care promotes independence, enhances the quality of life, and ensures the overall well-being of disabled individuals.
  • Social Support Wollongong
    Our social support plays a critical role in enhancing the well-being and quality of life for disabled and older people. By providing companionship, facilitating community engagement, offering practical assistance, and fostering peer support networks, social support reduces isolation, promotes social inclusion, and contributes to overall happiness. Through meaningful connections and access to community resources, social support empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives, regardless of their disabilities or age.