NDIS Price Guide

24/7 Support for NDIS and Aged Care Clients Australia Wide

The fees charged by My Care Ability for the services are in aligned with NDIS price guide (use this link if client wants to download the price guide ) (https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/pricing-arrangements) 

Core support:
01_011_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Weekday Daytime$65.47
01_015_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Weekday Evening$72.13
01_002_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Weekday Night$73.46
01_013_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Saturday$92.12
01_014_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Sunday$118.78
01_012_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Public Holiday$145.44
01_004_0107_1_1Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities$55.03
04_104_0125_6_1Access Community and Social Weekday – Daytime$65.47
04_103_0125_6_1Access Community and Social Weekday – Evening$72.13
04_105_0125_6_1Access Community and Social– Saturday$92.12
04_106_0125_6_1Access Community and Social – Sunday$118.78
04_102_0125_6_1Access Community and Social – Public Holiday$145.44
Support Coordination:
07_001_0106_8_3Support Coordination Level 1:$74.63
07_002_0106_8_3Support Coordination Level 2: $100.14